Sex, Lies and the Internet – An Online Dating Survival Guide

Online Dating Guide

“If you are single, how do you spot a serious mate versus a player,
a married person posing as a single
or a cyber stalker online?
Are you trapped in a
bad relationship?
Are you attracting
the wrong type of men?
Do you believe you
will never find Mr. Right?

“S#x, Lies and the Internet” is the much talked-about best-selling book from the founder of one of the most popular women’s websites on the internet— Free Date Screening Service, a place where women warn other women about abusive men before it’s too late.  This website has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and on countless media outlets.

Acclaimed as a lifesaver by women worldwide, Ms. Alexander reveals the answers to these important questions in her best-selling book “S#x, Lies and the Internet,” through heroic stories and lessons learned from hundreds of women who survived abuse to build happy and long-lasting relationships.


Online Dating Book Sex, Lies and the Internet by Online Dating Expert Stephany Alexander

Don’t Give Up!
The secrets to finding Mr. Right
are only a click away!


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If you’re trapped in a bad relationship, Stephany Alexander,
one of the internet’s most well-known relationship and online dating experts,
has written the ultimate guide to finding Mr. Right and avoiding Mr. Wrong.


Online Dating Expert Book Sale

In order to find Mr. Right you need to
be able to recognize and avoid Mr. Wrong.

“Screen the dogs from entering
into your life.”
– KIIS FM, Los Angeles
“Dedicated to outing the bad apples.”
– New York Times

“…Offers women the Holy Grail of man-examination: a chance to hear
from his exes.”
– Charlotte Observer

“…reviews your potential mate like Zagats critiques a restaurant.”
– Esquire Magazine
“Need to know if he is a bad egg? may know.”
– Wall Street Journal 

“I have witnessed many cases
of single mothers
who were targeted by pedophiles
to get access to her children.
Every single mother
should read this book.”

Janene Sakahara
Case Worker Division of Child and Family Services
As a psychotherapist,
I have seen the painful consequences
of getting tangled up with the wrong man.
Stephany’s “Red Flags” help women identify
a potential cheater or abuser
before it’s too late.”
Sandra Brown
Psychotherapist & Author of “How to Spot a Dangerous Man
Before You Get Involved”

“Stephany Alexander’s date screening tips
are the best I have found
for avoiding dangerous relationships.” Volunteer Physician Advisor
“Dr. WomanSaver,” Louisiana

“This book would have saved me
one failed marriage
and years of pain
in an abusive relationship.”
Carol McKibben
Abuse Survivor & Author of “Riding Through It.” 

“The free resources in this book such as the background checking
are worth a thousand times the price.”
Vicky Talmage
Health & Lifestyle Educator
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Dr. WomanSaver Testimonial
Resident Volunteer Physician for


Did you know…

1 out of every 4 “Single & Available” men
on dating websites is actually married?
Source: MSNBC Survey

Online Dating Computer



The internet can be the most dangerous place to unintentionally expose yourself
to dangerous men who target, stalk, and abuse unsuspecting women,
especially women who are hopeful, and emotionally vulnerable. 

* A woman is raped every two minutes in America. – U.S. Department of Justice
* 57% of all rapes happen on dates.
– Koss Study (1990) 

Find out the sneaky tricks players use and don’t want you to know
…and how to see through their scams.
If you are using or thinking of using dating websites
to place personals ads to meet new people…
Dating Expert Stop Sign
Read this Book Before You Fall Victim to an Internet Dating Scam, or Worse! 


Who am I?

Dating Expert
Leading Relationship and
Online Dating Expert
Stephany Alexander
I am one of the Internet’s leading relationship, infidelity and online dating experts. I am also a woman like you, who used the internet to look for Mr. Right… but in the process, I was scammed not just once, but multiple times by men who lie, cheat, abuse women and get away with it by hiding behind false identities and phony online dating profiles. Eventually I learned the secrets of how to identify Mr. Wrong on my way to finding Mr. Right, and more importantly how to avoid the abusers, scammers, cheaters and dangerous men who prey on single women in online dating websites. I learned why I found myself attracted over and over again to Mr. Wrong and how to recognize the  RED FLAGS to avoid the cycle of abuse. To help women avoid these dangers, I started a website where women can warn other women about the men to avoid. This eventually became one of the top women’s websites on the Internet where tens of thousands of women come to share their stories, to heal, and to warn other women before it’s too late.


And it’s not just about “bad dates.” There are very dangerous men out there who scam, abuse, exploit, and steal from the very unsuspecting women they have conned into gaining their trust.
My website rates over tens of thousands of the worst men to avoid worldwide…

* Players
* Pedophiles
* Serial Bigamists
* Sexploiters
* Rapists
* Men who knowingly spread STDs
* Even convicted felons with multiple aliases who prey on single women.

…and they all may seem like the man of your dreams
at first.

From these thousands of heart-breaking true-life stories, and my own dating disasters, including lessons learned overcoming my own abuse, I have compiled the most horrifying stories and exposed the dangerous scams and techniques used by cheating and abusive men. I have also written hundreds of articles and advice columns on how to expose a cheater, avoid abusive men and how to heal from abuse.

Online Dating Expert Ebook


Don’t get me wrong, the Internet itself isn’t the problem. In fact, I believe it can be one of the fastest and very best way to expand your search and improve your chances of finding Mr. Right… if used correctly.

Discover the powerful secrets that will dramatically increase your chances of avoiding bad guys and finding a good one!

*  Find out the unmistakable signs that he’s straying
*  Top 7 sneaky tricks on how to catch a cheater red-handed
*  Top 8 relationship deal breakers
*  Find out how to identify and avoid the 5 MOST dangerous types of men
*  Top 11 signs you are being abused and used
*  Quickest ways to get over him and move on
*  How to leave an abusive relationship
*  Top 10 places to meet Mr. Right
*  Secrets to writing an irresistible online profile
*  Proven techniques to screen your online date
*  How to do a free background check on your potential date
*  How to ace a first date


I’ll show you…

*  Why we keep going back to Mr. Wrong and
*  How to break the cycle
*  How to recognize and avoid the most dangerous types of men


If you answered YES, then reading this book may change your life.

“Women remain in abusive relationships,
because they don’t know a way out,
this book shows them a way out!” –

Stephany Alexander, Dating & Relationship Expert, Best-selling Author


Now that you know where to go to find out the simple proven secrets to recognize and avoid Mr. Wrong, it’s time to reveal the secrets of how to find Mr. Right.


Searching for Mr. Right

Searching for Mr. Right

The answer is YES! After all of this, I was lucky enough to find Mr. Right for myself on the Internet and you can too!

Does it seem like Mr. Right just doesn’t exist? One of the keys is your online profile. It may be that hundreds of Mr. Right’s have already passed you by because you didn’t know the simple proven secrets for writing a profile that attracts the kind of man you have been looking for.

In this book you will also discover…

  • How to do a background check to see if your new date has a “history” of bad relationships
  • How to identify online dating Red Flags
  • How to see through phony profiles and SCREEN scammers
  • How to write a powerful profile that will attract the man of your dreams


Online Dating Expert Book Sale
Get the book now and get started,
before Mr. Right passes you by!

Finding Mr. Right can be easy as a “walk in the park.”
Finding Mr. Right 


Knowing these secrets is the key and is just a click away. I can share these life-saving secrets with you.

There is no other online dating book anywhere that shows you how to avoid Mr. Wrong and find Mr. Right using these secret and proven techniques combined with access to free resources online and a worldwide “black list” of the worst men to avoid!


If you are a single mother and have turned to the internet to meet new people, consider this…

abused women 82% of all child sex abusers were involved
in a relationship with the mother or close relative.
U.S. Department of Justice

In order to find Mr. Right
you need to be able to recognize
and avoid Mr. Wrong!

Since the Internet was first used for dating, I’ve read thousands of stories of women getting scammed and abused by men and I want it to stop! I’ve put together the best tips available anywhere to help you find the great guy you were meant to be with and avoid being scammed, used and abused by men” in my book “S#x Lies & the Internet.


You can hire a costly private detective or simply buy this book!

If your husband or boyfriend is spending too much time on the Internet
and your relationship is suffering, he may be one of the 1 in 4 men cheating on dating websites.
Believe me, millions of women have had to learn this the hard way…
and that the Internet is full of S*x, Lies and Infidelity.
Infidelity Expert Book That’s why I wrote a guidebook on Internet dating
specifically for women called
However, if you know the secrets of how to protect yourself
from dangerous men, the Internet can be your key to finding Mr. Right.
But if you don’t, it may lead to pain,
disappointment, even abuse or worse.

“I will share with you the Life-Saving Secrets you MUST know to…
avoid being scammed, abused and used by men
and how to heal from an abusive relationship.

Relationship Expert


Online Dating Expert

Online Dating Expert Stephany Alexander

About the Author

Nicknamed “Little Miss WomanSaver” by her fans, Stephany Alexander is a relationship, infidelity and online dating expert and founder of Free Date Screening Service, a revolutionary woman-to-woman social networking system with thousands of men’s names & descriptions entered to promote safer dating worldwide. WomanSavers is home of the world’s largest database rating men’s relationship history. This popular website lets women warn other women about alleged abusive and cheating men before it’s too late. It provides a woman-to-woman character reference on men, relationship articles, advice and support for abused women. WomanSavers is ranked in the top 1 percent most popular women’s websites. Ms. Alexander’s website has spawned a global network of over 200 WomanSaver’s representatives who volunteer their time and energy to support other women.

Ms. Alexander gives street-smart advice that women call “life saving.” She has been called America’s most straight-shooting dating and relationship expert. She is the best-selling author of the book entitled “S#x, Lies and the Internet,” as well as the author of “The Cheat Sheet” infidelity book, available on, and countless articles on relationships, abuse and infidelity. Ms. Alexander’s popularity comes from her straight-forward way of handling difficult, hard-core topics with sensitivity and humor, helping women cope and rebuild their self-esteem. Over a decade of experience make her both inspiring and accessible.

As a relationship expert, Ms. Alexander has shown celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Comedian Elayne Boosler and former First Lady Maria Shriver how to use the internet to screen people to protect themselves, their families and what they value. She is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on dating and relationships and has polled 600,000+ women on relationship issues. Ms. Alexander has counseled thousands of men and women worldwide, traveling to over 39 countries. Her creativity extends beyond the written word having developed over a dozen women’s online cartoon comedies, a claymation and multiple online games for women. She has been the exclusive dating expert for Idea Marketers, a relationship expert for and a featured speaker for Women for Hire and Speaker Services. Ms. Alexander was a speaker at i-Date, the world’s largest social networking conference. She speaks, reads and writes fluent German.

In 2008, Ms. Alexander was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Women’s Abuse Prevention, awarded “Woman of the Month” by the Femme Network and spotlighted by Women’s Business Magazine as a woman to watch in the future. She is a co-founder of SWWAN, the (Single Working Women’s Affiliate).

Ms. Alexander is the founder of a 501C-3 Non-Profit Charity that supports and works with various organizations to help educate and prevent abuse against women, children and animals. The Foundation for Abuse Prevention focuses on helping women, children and animals who have been devastated by abuse and educates the public on how to prevent and recover from abusive situations. The Foundation also works to eliminate emotional, physical and psychological abuse within the family unit to promote healthy and happy relationships. The Foundation believes that every woman, child and animal has the right to live free of violence and that information and education can play a key role in prevention and recovery.

Frequently called on by the media as one of the nation’s leading authorities on relationships and dating, Ms. Alexander has been featured on: the Mike & Juliet Show (repeat dating expert), E!, CBS Early Show, FOX Nationwide News, Fox Business, Sirius-XM, Playboy Radio, KROQ, KIIS-FM and in Esquire Magazine, “O” Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, National Enquirer, Glamour, Women’s Business Magazine, AP and countless radio shows.

Ms. Alexander holds multiple degrees in Communications & German. She enjoys scuba diving, snow skiing, tennis, yoga and spending time with her dogs, cats and her own “Mr. Right” who she met using her own date screening techniques.


A letter from Stephany:

Dear Ladies,

Getting involved with the wrong man not only wastes your time, it can destroy your life. Sadly, millions of women jump from Mr. Wrong to Mr. Wrong without understanding why. I used to be one of these women. Like many of you, I too, have been abused, cheated on and lied to. I soon realized most other women had experienced the same thing or knew someone who did. That’s why I decided to dedicate years of my life to helping other women break out of the cycle of abuse.

This book will revolutionize the way women date. Women will now be able to make BETTER, SAFER and MORE INFORMED decisions regarding the men in their lives. I hope this book will have a tremendous positive effect on you and on future generations of women.

I dedicate this book to you and the future man of your dreams.

All my love,




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